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Aesthetic Medical Peels & Facials

Kheri is an expert esthetician who specializes in waxing hair removal, medical facials and medical peels with medical grade Skin Medica products. Anti-aging is also a specialty with Skin Medica products clinically tested to promote collagen growth and reduce fine lines. Pigment, those aging brown spots and acne can be reduced/eliminated with medical peels. A [...]

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Skin Medica National Seminar

Laurina, master esthetician at Facial Beauty by M.D., and Dr. Paul are at an advanced national educational seminar for their skin care product, SkinMedica. We are learning in depth skin anatomy and physiology for anti-aging and how we can make you not only look younger, but reverse the damage from age and the outdoor elements [...]

Skin Medica National Seminar2016-10-26T03:45:36+00:00