Dr. Paul Ver Hoeve can do much more than facial rejuvenation! As a practicing Internal Medicine specialist for over 22 years, Dr. Ver Hoeve has experience in many aspects of skin rejuvenative medicine including laser therapies and procedures, Vaser Lipo procedures, light to deep skin peel procedures, Dysport / Botox, dermal fillers, brown spot removal, skin tightening, facial spider veins, Sclerotherapy, wrinkle repair, acne reduction, and more. All evaluations and procedures are performed by Dr. Ver Hoeve.

Office and Service Locations

Located at a comfortable professional office in El Cajon, California, Facial Beauty by MD serves clients from these areas in California, Arizona, and Mexico — San Diego County, Imperial County, San Diego, Poway, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, El Cajon, Lakeside, Santee, Spring Valley, Rancho San Diego, Jamul, Descanso, Julian, Alpine, El Centro, Brawley, and Yuma.

Botox Treatments

A simple easy, virtually painless method for the temporary erasure of lines and wrinkles.

Facial Filler Treatments

These are all “natural” materials, which hold collagen together, perform a “face lift”, and restore volume. Treatments include: JUVÉDERM® Dermal Fillers, RADIESSE® Volumizing Filler, BELOTERO BALANCE® Filler, and REVANESSE® Versa Filler.

Laser Treatments – No Down Time

No down time – Laser resurfacing for facial and leg vein removal, scar reduction (including acne), and to resolve pore issues and red and brown spot issues.

Laser Treatments

Hair removal, discolorations, skin laxity, loss of elasticity, texture or wrinkle issues, surgical/ acne/ burn scar & stretch mark reduction.

Platelet Rich Plasma

By combining the application of hyaluronic acid fillers with blood derived growth factors, Platelet Rich Plasma offers unique balanced approach to reviving your beauty.

Hair Restoration

For Men and Women! Experience the journey to hair restoration with an expert (Dr. Paul) by your side.


VASER Lipo uses a process called LipoSelection® to target specific areas of fat throughout the body. It’s powerful enough to target large areas of fat, yet gentle enough to also treat delicate areas of the body, such as the neck and arms.

VASER Smooth

Introducing VASERsmooth – the latest solution for cellulite. In just one treatment, VASERsmooth reduces unwanted skin dimpling for a smooth and natural appearance. Ask us about VASERsmooth today.


No down-time, off-the shelf treatment to fix those small aesthetic defects that have always bothered you, such as liposuction irregularities, cellulite dimples, or loss of volume in your hands, cheeks or temples.

Healthy Weight Management

Our new Take Shape For Life® program provides effective tools along with personal support from a Health Coach, backed by a clinically proven, scientifically formulated, comprehensive program.

Medical Services

Skin evaluation and removal of minor skin lesions, natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.