RENUVA® Filler Treatment (Injection)

Renuva is a no down-time, off-the shelf filler treatment to fix those small aesthetic defects that have always bothered you, such as liposuction irregularities, cellulite dimples, or loss of volume in your hands, cheeks or temples. You get the smooth contours and added volume you want to look and feel your best, without the pain and expense of liposuction.

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Key Advantages

  • No down-time – you can immediately return to normal activities.
  • Fast procedure – about 10 to 30 minutes (estimated).
  • No need for liposuction.
  • Uses your own natural body processes.
  • Lasts 5 years (estimated).


Renuva is an in-office, injectable tissue treatment that allows your own body to correct small volume soft tissue defects. Your body reacts naturally to Renuva to fix your small aesthetic defects and improve your skin tone and texture.

Unlike anything else available on the market today, Renuva utilizes your own body to generate fat where the product is injected. It is designed to allow your own body to grow fat into the space that the injection occupies.

Renuva is an injectable allograft adipose matrix, meaning it comes from processed, donated human adipose (fat) tissue. It contains key proteins and growth factors relevant to the creation of new fat tissue to help restore volume in areas where some native fat already exists.

Allograft tissue comes from donors and is tested and screened in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) requirements for donor tissue. Advanced processing and testing provide assurance that you are receiving healthy, safe tissue. MTF Biologics (the manufacturer) donor selection process, designed by medical experts, ensures the highest quality and safety. MTF Biologics has grown to become the largest accredited tissue bank in the world, having distributed more than 8 million allografts.

The Procedure

Renuva comes pre-packed in a thin needle syringe. Preparation and treatment require only 10 to 30 minutes (estimated). The procedure uses very thin needles to insert the allograft tissue under your skin. When Renuva is injected, it immediately fills and smooths your soft tissue defect. After the injections are complete, the treatment areas will be cleaned and sterilized to reduce the chance of infection.

Hand Treatment Video – see how Renuva is used to treat hand issues. This link will open another browser tab with our video on YouTube.

Facial Treatment Video – see how Renuva is used to treat facial issues. This link will open another browser tab with our video on YouTube.

Results – Before and After

Patients with a troubling, aesthetic, small volume defect benefit from Renuva. Good candidates are those with minor volume defects or slight surface irregularities or after a liposuction procedure. Over time, Renuva is replaced by your own fat cells and blood vessels through a process called remodeling.

Renuva filler injection

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