Vaser ultrasound LipoSelection is a tested minimally invasive in office procedure with minimal bruising, pain and down time, typically returning to work in 2 to 3 days. Only oral sedation is used, no general anesthesia. Areas of fat that are impossible to eliminate with exercise and diet are easily removed via a procedure called tumescent ultrasound assisted Lipo. The area is filled with a numbing solution after which the fat is dislodged by a cannula that vibrates at 3600 times a second into the solution. The fat is then removed easily with another small cannula and the area sculpted with approximately 52% skin tightening. You will wear a garment to help compress the area for a total of 3 weeks. 3 massages a week apart are included to enhance skin tightening and lymphatic drainage. We are offering great specials through December 2012 and a gift certificate of $200 for any referral who has a procedure performed. Check out our web site to view before and after photos. All consultations for Vaser LipoSelection are free.