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Vaser Lipo Body SculptingBig event in three months? Be ready in one.  With VASER Lipo, Dr. Paul can produce eye-catching results in just one session — without the pain and long downtime of typical liposuction treatments. Every body type has areas that are predisposed to fat storage and even with rigorous diet and exercise those unwanted bulges often persist. Patented VASER® technology and the advanced LipoSelection® technique now offer a safe alternative for eliminating unwanted fat, revealing a smooth new shape with fast recovery.

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from a female Beauty Editor for numerous international Fashion magazines.

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Precise Body Sculpting Treatments

Vaser Lipo Body Sculpting Results

VASER Lipo uses a process called LipoSelection® to target specific areas of fat throughout the body. It’s powerful enough to target large areas of fat, yet gentle enough to also treat delicate areas of the body, such as the neck and arms.